Monday Mail #6

Anti-Goals, Always Buy, Miracle Sudoku, Starting Work

Hey Friends,

I've decided to switch up the email format a little bit.

Instead of only creating a list of the best things I've learned each week, I want to start off every email with an idea/discussion topic as well. Let me know if you like this change!

This week’s idea: Anti-Goals

We're all familiar with the idea of goals.

Lose Weight, Have more free time for myself.

While these are all worthy pursuits, the path to accomplishing them is rarely clear and can change as you grow.

With Anti-Goals, we are simplifying goals by using inversion -- the idea problems are best solved when we reverse them. Or to put simply, it's often easier to think about what you don't want than what you do.

Here's an awesome quote that describes the power of inversion:

“Problems frequently get easier if you turn them around in reverse. In other words, if you want to help India, the question you should ask is not ‘how can I help India,’ it’s ‘what is doing the worst damage in India and how do I avoid it?” — Charles Munger

So how do we implement Anti-Goals in our daily lives?

Let's say we want to Lose Weight.

Instead of thinking about what we should do, let's ponder about what would turn us into an absolute lard:

  • Eating Late at Night

  • Eating Junk Food

  • Sitting all-day

Working backward from here, we can come up with a set of Anti-Goals:

  • Never eat past 7 pm

  • No Doritos and soda

  • Never sit for more than 2 hours

See how actionable these goals are than "losing weight"? I highly encourage you to use anti-goals the next time you want to accomplish something. Let me know if you do.

😊My Highlights:

This past week I've been very busy with a big life change: starting my full-time job at Better Mortgage! I didn't have time to ship anything this week, but some cool stuff to come soon.

📖 Reading Highlights:

Just Keep Buying: Buy low, sell high? No, just keep buying. It's very counterintuitive to everything we are taught about buying assets. But this article makes a very convincing argument (with data!) that we often worry too much about when to buy and sell and instead, we should focus on just buying. Over time, by following a strategy of continual purchase of a diverse set of income-producing assets, you are bound to make a profit.

Graduating in the Time of Coronavirus: In this article, Columbia Graduate Andrew Wang reminisces about his time as a student in Columbia and what it means to graduate in times of uncertainty. I thoroughly enjoyed the way he weaves in Greek mythology to describe his experiences. Definitely worth a read!

Maximizing Serendipity: One of my favorite pieces from my favorite online writer. This article discusses one of the main reasons why everyone should write: to create a serendipity vehicle. When you write, each one of your written pieces becomes a vehicle of serendipity, helping you connect with people who resonate with what you write. By doing this, you stop looking for opportunities, and instead, opportunities start gravitating towards you. It's how I reconnected with my friend and business partner, Austin Schlessinger.

🔊Podcast Highlights:

Joe Rogan - Naval Ravikant: If you haven't heard about the Joe Rogan Podcast, you might be living under a rock (he recently signed a deal w/ Spotify for $100 million). In this episode, Joe interviews life philosopher, angel investor, Founder & CEO Naval Ravikant. It's just wisdom nuggets after another. Here's one to give you a taste:

📺 Video Highlights:

Miracle Sudoku Solve: If you're a Sudoku nerd like I am, this video will absolutely blow your mind. Can a sudoku board be solved with only 2 numbers? Watch this video and you'll find out.

📷 Picture Highlights:

Amy made a really cool book to documents the things we did over the past year:

Final Notes:

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed Monday Mail, I'd love it if you could share it with others. I also appreciate any feedback. If there is anything you would like changed in the next Monday Mail, let me know.

Until next week,


Fun Fact: Bees are born fully grown.

QOTW: "If you stop it's a failure, if you continue it's an iteration" - Jack Butcher